Kids Baking For Charity



Two little girls in Dallas got into baking after their families locked down together.  One of them is ten, and the other’s eight.  Now they’re running their own business called Rose Bakery, and donating profits to the charity Feed the Front Line.


Two college hockey players at the University of Massachusetts got bored in lockdown and bought rollerblades.  Earlier this month, they skated 900 miles from Massachusetts to Michigan, and raised over $25,000 for the American Cancer Society.



A new charity called “Put It on Pete’s Tab” is helping people in the service industry.  A bartender in Florida named Pete O’Brien passed away in March. And he was a big fan of leaving huge tips. So his friends started leaving big tips as a tribute, which led them to start the charity.  Now they’re using donations to pay bills for servers and bartenders across the country.