It’s Okay To Just Relax


We live in a go, go, go society and people are often measured by how productive they are, which can leave you feeling like a failure if you’re not accomplishing as much as everyone else. But just because you’re not constantly productive doesn’t make you lazy. We all need to practice self-care, too, and sometimes things that are considered “lazy” are really just a form of self-care, like these.

  • Not having an immaculate house – Some folks believe that appearances are everything or that clutter leads to chaos, but having a messy house doesn’t mean you’re a mess. Just like having a perfectly put together house doesn’t mean that your life is perfectly put together. Maybe you’re too busy to tidy all the time, maybe you’d just prefer to use your downtime to unwind instead of mop the floor. It’s okay for your house to look lived in – because it is!
  • Not delving into time-consuming hobbies or activities – Just because your schedule isn’t full of art classes or dance lessons doesn’t make you lazy. For some people, being busy with activities and hobbies is satisfying, for others, having free time to use as they see fit is its own form of self-care.
  • Not cooking fancy meals for yourself – Scrolling through Instagram it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one not creating picturesque dishes for yourself that look like they belong in a culinary magazine. But there’s no shame in not whipping up a restaurant-worthy meal every night, you’re not trying to impress anyone and sometimes a bowl of cereal for dinner is exactly the right thing.
  • Not having a large social media presence – If you’re not posting, tweeting, and uploading photos to social media all day, every day that doesn’t make you lazy. There’s actually very little in most people’s day to day lives that needs to be shared online and spending your time doing other things instead of trying to keep up with the Joneses – or the image they’re trying to portray on social media – could be a form of self-care, even if you’re just binge-watching Netflix.