How To Keep Those Back-To-School Traditions


No matter where your child is learning this year, there are some back-to-school traditions that shouldn’t be forgotten. Keep these alive to make lasting memories regardless of where your kids’ new school year is happening.

  • Make a special day – If you have more than one child, set aside a full day for each of them, then celebrate with their favorite things. Let them choose a meal, watch their favorite movie and get some one-on-one time with you.
  • Pick out the First Day outfit – Even if they’re not going in person, they can still plan something they’d like to wear on the first day of school and if they are going back, they can coordinate their outfit with a face mask.
  • Prep all the supplies – Get all the new school supplies organized because this year, it’s more important than ever not to share them.
  • Take those photos – If your kid is doing virtual learning this year, you’ll still want to document their first day with a picture, even if it’s them wearing PJs and connecting on Zoom.
  • Decorate their bedroom door – Surprise your kiddo when they wake up on the first day of school by hanging streamers and balloons on their door so they start the day with smiles.
  • Size up a t-shirt – Get a big white t-shirt that would fit an adult and start writing an encouraging or funny message on it every year before the first day of school. Take your kid’s photo in it each year and by the time they graduate, they’ll have a great keepsake.
  • Interview the kids on their goals – Ask about their favorite subject, what they’re looking forward to or nervous about for the upcoming school year. You can write it down or record a video and it’ll be fun to look back on down the road.
  • Give back – If you have the means, make it a tradition to spend some time and money helping families in need with school supplies, gear or backpacks.