The Super Powers Of Cinnamon


For many, cinnamon has a LOT going for it – it has a great smell and taste and is a great addition to food items like cinnamon sugar toast, apple pie, cinnamon rolls and beverages. 

Here in the US, cinnamon is second only to black pepper in popularity. It comes from a tropical evergreen and has been around since the Middle Ages. Folks used it to treat sore throats, coughing fits and arthritis pain—maybe they were ahead of their time!

More recent studies suggest that the health benefits of cinnamon are numerous—everything from type 2 diabetes to helping Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s because it contains inhibitors that prevent accumulation of tau proteins in the brain. There’s also a buzz about it helping aid in weight control as well. Bottom line, if it tastes good and even possibly has a healthy benefit? You might want to give it a try…just make sure you clear it with your doctor first.

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