“Jessie’s Girl” Has A Sequel Featuring Rick Springfield

Have you ever wondered how things turned out?

Sequels:  They’re not just for movies anymore.  Because COHEED AND CAMBRIA just released a follow-up to the RICK SPRINGFIELD classic “Jessie’s Girl”, called “Jessie’s Girl 2”.  And there’s a twist.

After singing about her in the original song, we find that the narrator GOT Jessie’s girl . . . but it turns out she’s a PSYCHO, and he’s left with nothing but regret.  He even changes his phone number to “867-5305” . . . a nod to another ’80s classic by TommyTutone. . . but he STILL can’t get rid of her.

In yet another twist, we learn that Jessie actually let her go without a fight because he KNEW.

Coheed and Cambria even made a video starring Rick Springfield himself . . . who also appears on the song.

Coheed and Cambria singer CLAUDIO SANCHEZ says, quote, “Has anyone ever written a sequel to another artist’s song?  I don’t think so.  As a fan of movies, it just seemed like a really interesting idea.”