Help For Moms

Blowing Bubbles

Being a mom isn’t easy, and being a working mom can be even harder. There’s no doubt there are times moms wish they had more hours in the day to get everything they need to get done, and a new app may actually do that for them. 

The new app MamaThis just launched in selected areas and its aim is to help moms out by calling on other moms to lend a hand. It’s kind of like Task Rabbit but with mothers helping mothers. The app has built a network of trusted contacts to help empower moms to ask for help when needed, and receive it from those just like them. 

The app has users broken down into two categories, those looking for help, a Boss Mom, and those looking to supplement their income by helping others, the Mom Boss. If a Boss Mom needs help she can post a virtual or in-person job to the app and pay a Mom Boss to do it for them, thereby freeing up her “to do” list so she can do things she wants to do.

  • For a Mom Boss, she gets to decide whether there are tasks she would gladly do to help out another mom, like grocery shopping, returns around town and more, all the while earning a little extra money for herself. “After I had my second child, I knew I needed help to get it all done. Every day the list of to-dos were more than I alone could accomplish in 24 hours,” creator Sara Stein shares. “I wanted to create a space where moms could come together and ask for the help they really needed – adding some time or revenue to their day – and feel comfortable trusting the network they have built through the app.”