Want To Live Longer?

We’ve got the key here to a long, healthy, happy life.  And all you’ve got to do is . . . checking my notes . . . oh, give away three-quarters of your money.  No problem there. 

Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands found a direct connection between the amount of money people give away and how long they live.

They found France and Japan have the longest life expectancy . . . and the highest number of average personal money transfers.  People in those countries share an average of almost 70% of their lifetime income.

And they have mortality rates that are much lower than China or Turkey . . . where people share 44% to 48% of their lifetime income.

Oh, and you don’t HAVE to give your money to strangers or to charity for this . . . helping out your kids or other family members counts.

So why is sharing your money linked to living longer?  Quote, “Sharing generosity may reflect the strength of social connected-ness, which itself benefits human health and well being and indirectly raises survival.”

In other words:  By being generous, it gives you stronger social connections, and those make you healthier and happier, so you live longer. 



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