Supernanny Has Tips For Parenting During Covid


Jo Frost knows some parents are struggling during the pandemic and she has some simple advice: take some pressure off. And she would know, she’s the parenting expert known as Supernanny with her own TV series on Lifetime. “Right now, every family’s duty and obligation is to keep themselves alive,” she says. “Everything else is second.”

Supernanny understands the challenges parents are facing and she’s here to help with these tips for families:

  • Keep a schedule – Frost advises putting a list of what’s happening when up on the wall for the family to see. She says it “creates structure so we can feel more productive and organized.”
  • Be realistic about what you can accomplish – It may feel impossible to follow school distance learning schedules and get all of your work finished, but Supernanny says that’s okay. She says we’re not failing as parents if we can’t get everything done and she points out, “there is nothing your child is going to learn right now at the age of 10 that is going to make or break their career at 24.”
  • Don’t underestimate what your child is capable of – “We do too much for our kids,” Frost says. She explains that we should be teaching them life skills and letting them do things for themselves.
  • Take advantage of this time at home – Pre-pandemic, families didn’t have time to sit down and have dinner together as often, but now they do. Sure, there are downsides to being home so much, but connecting with family isn’t one of them.

“We’re not going back to how things were, we need new normals,” Frost explains. “The beauty of all of this is if we can work on what we ignored before the pandemic, we can come out with new rituals, new practices and a prioritization of what is important.”