Fun Ideas For A Halloween Month


Why not do some of these leading up to Halloween?

We might not be trick-or-treating like we have in years past, but Halloween doesn’t need to be canceled in 2020. The holiday falls on a Saturday this year, so there’s no reason to skip out on the celebration, you just need to get creative. Here are some ideas for at-home Halloween fun with your little boos. Why not make the celebration last longer and do some of these leading up to the day? 

  • Have a family Halloween party – Get dressed up in your costumes, decorate the house and make themed drinks and snacks to enjoy while you dance to “Monster Mash” in the living room.
  • Trick-or-treat at home – Turn it into a candy hunt by hiding wrapped treats all around your house or yard and let the kids loose to find them.
  • Decorate Halloween-themed cookies – Bust out your ghost and pumpkin cookie cutters or just grab one of those pre-baked haunted house cookie kits and let the little ones go crazy with the frosting and sprinkles.
  • Design a Halloween snack board – Create a festive snack board with your kids’ favorite meats, cheeses, crackers and such, or go for a sweet candy board filled with their top treats.
  • Have a spooky movie marathon – Whether you like scary or not-so-spooky, line up some of your family’s favorite Halloween movies and head to the couch with plenty of themed-snacks.
  • Host a pumpkin decorating contest – Pull out the paints, carving supplies, decorating kits and even the glitter, if you’re feeling adventurous. After the pumpkins are decorated, let the kids vote on the winner and have a prize ready for its creator.
  • Create a Halloween scavenger hunt – Make clues and place them all around the house, with them eventually leading to a grand prize at the end.
  • Host a drive-by or sidewalk costume parade – Get the neighbors and close friends together for some Halloween fun that you can do while social distancing. Dress the kids up and follow a map of stops to participant’s homes so everyone can see each other’s costumes.
  • Have a virtual Halloween party – Show off those costumes to loved ones near and far with a virtual Halloween party. You can include a fun game to play, a vote for best costume or even having the kids watch a movie together while they chat through the call.