Farmer Gets Help From His Friends



taco truck in Humble, Texas hasn’t had much business lately.  But it hit a new low when the owner only brought in $6 the other day.  So his daughter got on Twitter and asked people to stop by . . . the tweet went viral . . . and he had so much business the next day, he ran out of food and had to close early.


Farmers have had it rough this year, and a family with a farm in North Dakota was in real trouble after the dad had a heart attack and couldn’t harvest his crops.  But then dozens of farmers from all over the county showed up and did it for him.



A cashier in Houston only had $20 in her bank account, but still offered to pay for a customer’s stuff when they forgot their wallet.  And she got rewarded for it big time.  The customer posted about it online, and then someone started a GoFundMe page that’s raised almost $10,000.