How To Generate Hope

dandelion hope wishes

86% of people seeing positive things that could come out of the past six months.

  • 63% believe they’ll have a deeper appreciation for little things in life.
  • 56% will appreciate their friends and family more.
  • 38% will have a deeper appreciation of what they are capable of doing.
  • What’s more, 90% say they’ve learned something about themselves during lockdown.
  • While a third have come away realizing they are strong and resilient. 

If you’re feeling hopeless or not enough hope to help you feel better, here are some ways to generate hope…

  1. Do what you know you can do. Take one step that you know you can do. Make your bed. Cook dinner. Talk to a friend. Keep thinking of one step at a time.
  2. Look for role models who have found solutions. There are many people who have built resilience and overcome problems. This website will show you a few.
  3. Perform an act of kindness. Doing even small acts of kindness can have a big effect on hopefulness. It triggers the release of serotonin, which calms stress.
  4. Practice mindfulness. Your thoughts relive the past and worry about the future. That will often add to depression and hopelessness. When you pay attention to the here and now, you’ll find more peace and less stress.