Firefighter Saves Home After 60 Hour Shift



After working for three days, California firefighter Grant Newnom got a call from his girlfriend that a fire was threatening her parents’ home. He drove 90 miles to their house and cut down trees and moved anything flammable. The Santa Rosa Fire Department arrived and they worked together to fight the flames.


Larry Scott lost his eye in a car accident and now he’s adopted the ideal pet in a one-eyed kitten. He and his wife knew the kitten was the one for them, now they’re just trying to agree on a name.



A wrestler at Buena Vista University saved a co-worker’s life on his first day at his new retail job. Diego Aguilera was being trained by a man in his 60s, who had a heart attack during their shift. Aguilera did chest compressions on the coworker and kept him alert until an ambulance arrived.