It’s World Teachers Day – Here Are Some Ways To Say Thank You


Help them feel appreciated...

If You’re a Student

  • Create a list of ways your teacher has made a difference and share it with them.
  • Tell them something specific you learned and what that means to you.
  • Write to your past teachers letting them know how much you appreciate them.
  • Screenshot an inspirational quote and tag your teacher. 
  • Create a video with friends or family celebrating your teacher. 

If You’re a Parent 

  • Get your child’s teacher a gift card they can use online.
  • Send your child’s teachers an email and let them know the impact they’ve had on your child
  • Have flowers delivered.
  • Make a donation to a charity in the teacher’s honor.
  • Let your school’s administrator know how well the teacher is doing.
  • Contact local officials to advocate for more resources for schools and/or for changes in education policy.