Stressed? Optimism Will Help

Looking Up Positivity Optimism

Life is... A LOT right now. Here are some tips to stay on the more optimistic side because, it just feels better! 

  • Stay in the moment – A lot of times it’s not what’s happening right now that’s stressing us out (or maybe it is), but the anticipation of what’s going to happen, or what we think is going to happen. Try asking yourself “Am I okay right now?” and continue asking whenever you need a positive affirmation. Worrying about the future is a waste of time and energy that can be spent in a more productive way. Focus on what you CAN control, your thinking. 🙂
  • Get friends to cheer you on – Tell your BFFs when you’re having a rough time and ask them to help. They could send you empowering texts, funny GIFs, or cute baby goat photos. Save them and check your messages for a dose of positivity when you need it most.
  • Sip some peppermint tea – And enjoy it thoroughly, as in feel the warmth of the cup in your hands, inhale the steam and sip slowly. Plus, peppermint has been scientifically proven to have calming effects on the nervous system and the digestive system.
  • Imagine everything working out perfectly – Positive visualization is used by professional athletes, actors and musicians. When you’re worried, imagine feeling relaxed and confident as you engage the day. If you want to achieve a goal, imagine that you already have.
  • Look on the bright side, even if you really don’t want to – It’s easy to dwell on the things that could go wrong, but staying optimistic pays off. According to a study from Stanford University School of Medicine, kids who stayed positive had better grades and achieved more than those with negative attitudes.
  • Listen to your favorite song – Crank up the tune that makes you happy inside, even if it’s totally embarrassing, because a study from Switzerland finds listening to music can ease stress levels and help the body’s ability to recover from stress.