TGN – RV Donated To Firefighter Who Lost Home

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A firefighter in Oregon who lost her family home to a fire has been given a place to stay by a kind stranger. Trudy Boykin and her daughter are getting an RV from a group called Hope on Wheels. Then they’ll donate the RV back to another displaced family once they rebuild their home.


A couple who had to change their wedding plans twice because of COVID-19 has finally said “I do,” thanks to help from hospital staff. Lisa and Ron Loscri got married at New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital, where he is a patient. The staff was able to put together a ceremony, with a cake, bouquet and decorations in a few hours.

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A 27-year-old grad student in Colorado raised $85,000 for coronavirus relief by climbing all 58 of the mountains in the state that were at least 14,000 feet.  It took her 78 days and required almost 600 miles of hiking.