Healthier Halloween Candy?

PayDay Bar

Are you buying Halloween candy soon, but want to stick to your healthier lifestyle? Health experts will tell you that there isn’t such a thing as a HEALTHY candy and that’s true, but there are options that are better than others. 

I looked at several nutritionist blogs and depending on what healthy lifestyle you’re following, they had different answers. Some looked for low sugar (ha good luck), some liked the higher protein options, some liked the lower calories and some liked lower fat (especially trans and saturated). What I took from this information is that overall, the majority of them liked the higher protein options because that means there is a more pure ingredient that will help offset the sugar spike. For that reason, here are the “better” options…

  1. In the number one spot is the good ol’ fashioned PayDay. This bar is mainly peanuts and sugar with 7 grams of protein, as much as many protein bars out there. With all those peanuts, the fat in the bar is from a healthier source.
  2. Runners up: Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The Snickers  has 4 grams of protein and the Reese’s has 5. That is a decent amount of protein to help with those sugar spikes.      

This nutritional information is based on full-sized candy bars, not the fun size that makes up the traditional Halloween candy bag. Of course, you should always follow a doctor’s advise and take into consideration your health and health goals. 🙂

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