Today’s Good News: 5th Grader Buys Toys For Kids In The Hospital


A fifth-grader in Texas named Orion Jean has been working hard to help people out this year.  He won $500 in a contest run by ThinkKindness.org, and used it to buy toys for kids in the hospital.  Now he’s doing a food drive, and wants to give 100,000 free lunches away by Thanksgiving.


A food critic in Georgia hasn’t had much to write about with restaurants closed down.  So she opened a fine-dining restaurant for chipmunks on her porch.  She says doing something goofy helped her deal with the extra anxiety she’s had this year.

It’s Fry-day! Walnut burgers and fries for my dude today.

Posted by Angela English Hansberger on Friday, October 16, 2020

What a difference 18 hours can make.

Cole Hoyer and Kelly Momber are two of our finest young officers. They met here at…

Posted by Grand Rapids Police Department on Tuesday, October 20, 2020


How’s this for dedication?  Two cops in Michigan recently got married, but couldn’t travel or do a real honeymoon.  So they went right back to work the next day.  It happened during the riots in May, but the Grand Rapids Police Department just gave them a shout-out on Facebook.