Today’s Good News: Dad’s Silly Pet Portraits = Money For Homeless

Cat Drawing


A British man has raised thousands for the homeless with his unconventional drawings of people’s pets. Phil Heckles started by trying to help his six-year-old son make a thank you card and shared a drawing he did of the dog as a joke on Facebook. Requests for pet portraits started rolling in and for those who insist on paying, he has them donate to a charity that supports the homeless.


A Irish couple who met more than 40 years ago have finally gotten around to tying the knot. John Bermingham, 86, and Mary Long, 83, say they planned to make it official a long time ago, but life got in the way. They recently got married after all these years because they are old-fashioned at heart.

wedding ring hands
Dog Terrier


A woman in Kentucky got lost on an evening walk, hit her head and was knocked unconscious. Geneva Logston’s family launched a two-day search for her and thanks to a special search-and-rescue dog, she was foundPocket, a terrier with KYK9 located her, saving her life.