Easy And Safe Ideas For Halloween

Kid Halloween

Halloween is going to be a bummer for many kids and families but there is always a way to have some fun!

1.  Halloween scavenger hunts.  Keep it in the family to keep it safe, and hide candy and Halloween trinkets around your place, Easter Egg-style.

2.  Movie nights and indoor picnics.  A lot of parents are ordering pizza, watching scary movies, playing games, and letting kids have as much candy as they want.

3.  Outdoor costume parties and parades.  They’re fairly low-risk if everyone wears a mask and stays six feet away.  But that’s not always easy with kids.

4.  Pumpkin carving ON Halloween.  It’s a good thing to SAVE for Halloween this year, because it burns time and keeps kids occupied.

5.  Halloween piñatas.  They’re a decent replacement for trick-or-treating, because your kids still get to be surprised by what kind of candy they get.

6.  Costume parties on Zoom. They can show off their outfits and eat some candy together.