Nom Nom: Top Thanksgiving Sides

A new survey found the majority of people are pretty sure Thanksgiving is going to be TWICE as stressful as usual this year.

So how are people coping? They’re already fantasizing about washing that stress away by diving face first into a trough of mashed potatoes. Here are the 10 side dishes people are already dreaming about:

1. Mashed potatoes, 71% of people are looking forward to eating them.
2. Stuffing, 66%.
3. Gravy, 59%.
4. Cranberry sauce, 53%.
5. Sweet potato casserole, 48%.
6. Biscuits, 48%.
7. Green bean casserole, 47%.
8. Macaroni and cheese, 42%.
9. Roasted carrots, 32%.
10. Brussels sprouts with bacon, 31%.

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