How To Build New Traditions This Thanksgiving


Lots of things are looking a little different and Thanksgiving is one of them. 75% of people say they won’t be traveling on or around the holiday weekend this year. That means lots of folks will be braving their first turkey day without their usual festivities, so it’s the ideal time to reimagine the holiday. These are some ideas for starting new traditions and celebrating a meaningful, stress-free Thanksgiving.

  • Give your usual quarantine outfit a break – Let the holiday be an excuse to swap the clothes you’ve been living in for the last few months for something more festive, at least from the waist up. If there was ever a day for stretchy pants, it’s Thanksgiving during a pandemic.
  • Skip the turkey – Staying home this Thanksgiving? Then why not try a different dinner menu for this holiday. If you’re cooking for a small group or yourself, you could explore your culinary creativity with a chicken, a pork loin or something totally different, like Thanksgiving lasagna.
  • Hit up multiple Thanksgiving events – If you’ve always dreamed of going to several Thanksgiving dinners in one day, this is your year. Since many gatherings will be happening virtually, hop on as many Zoom festivities as you want.
  • Give thanks – We’ve had a lot to complain about during 2020, but there’s still so much we can be grateful for, so use the holiday to focus on those things and share them with your loved ones.
  • Give back – If you’re fortunate enough to have good resources and good health, there are all kinds of ways you can give back to your community:
    • Doing a grocery run? Add some extra items to your shopping list to donate to your local food bank.
    • Volunteer to grocery shop for high-risk people in your neighborhood or network.
    • Donate to a little food pantry or community fridge to help those in need have a good holiday meal.
    • Find volunteer opportunities with Meals on Wheels, which could always use extra hands over the holidays.