Try Something New! Smoke That Turkey


Pitmaster and James Beard Award Winner for Best Chef Rodney Scott has unveiled his secret for smoking a Thanksgiving turkey on your own BBQ. Some of his suggestions include his mantra of “Mop, flip, mop” with sweet and spicy vinegar sauce. Here are the steps below.

  • Cut Turkey In Half – cut the bird with a sharp knife straight through the breastbone lengthwise.
  • Flatten Turkey – open the turkey and press to flatten, dry inside with paper towels.
  • Season with Dry Rub – liberally season all sides of the turkey from a height of 12 inches. Do not rub the seasoning in and be sure to season underneath the wings.
  • Smoke and Mop – smoke the turkey, skin side up for 2 hours then uncover and mop with about 1 ½ cups mopping sauce
  • Flip the Turkey – carefully turn the turkey skin side down using tongs and reaching as far as possible under the bird
  • Mop and Finish – mop with the remaining sauce inserting the tips of tongs into the breast meat to help absorption. Cover and finish smoking.