Friday Fun Facts

Ask anyone! Who doesn’t like Friday?

I thought it may be fun to learn a little about the day we all celebrate every week! 

Friday Fun Facts:

  1. word Frigedaeg. This word is associated with the goddess Frigg, and the Dutch and German words for Friday follow a very similar pattern.
  2. Some schools of thought believe that the word Friday originates from the influence of Freya, the fertility goddess.
  3. There are many important Fridays in the modern calendar. In particular, Christians follow Good Friday, which is the day that commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection. The days that follow cover Easter and celebrate his rising from the dead.
    1. tends to be the day after Thanksgiving is celebrated, and it is when shops and stores set up amazing knock-down deals and rates on items for the home and garden. Unfortunately, Black Friday scrambles can lead to some pretty intense shopping scenarios.
    2. The concept of a seven-day week is, believe it or not, designated through human creation and organisation alone! The way the Sun and planets align actually revolve around monthly cycles. It’s thought that Fridays only exist thanks to the intervention of the ancient Babylonians, who were fairly obsessed with the number seven.
    3. Friday, on the whole, seems to be the most successful day to apply for a job. Therefore, it might be worth starting your weekend right and filing that application as soon as you can before you clock out.

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