It’s St. Nicholas Day

December 6th is St. Nicholas Day! (observed on December 6th in Western Christian countries, December 5th in the Netherlands and December 19th in Eastern Christian countries, as the feast day of Saint Nicholas) Yes, there was a real Christian named Saint Nicholas! He was born in the third century in a village called Patara, which at the time was under Greek rule. He was raised as a devout Christian, and was taught to be generous and donate to the poor. He became the Bishop of Myra, Italy later in life, and was known as a very giving man. Legend has it that Saint Nicholas would take small bags of gold coins and throw them through open windows of poor homes. Children would hang stockings by their chimneys, in hopes that they would catch the bags of gold!

Saint Nicholas passed away on December 6th in 342 AD, and we dedicate this day to celebrating the generosity of a wonderful man. His acts teach us the importance of giving and love. Here’s to you, Saint Nicholas!


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