Today’s Good News: Man Uses Giant Grinch For Charity


A man accidentally ordered an inflatable Grinch decoration that was WAY too big . . . almost as tall as his house.  And it became a tourist attraction in his town.  So he’s been asking for donations when people come to see it . . . gives all the money to charity . . . and has now raised over $21,000.


Here’s how much we appreciate a little positivity right now:  There’s a woman in Mississippi named Sonya Baldwin who’s worked at the same Hardee’s for 23 years.  And people love her because she’s never in a bad mood.  So a bunch of regular customers pooled their money and gave her a $1,700 tip just to say thanks.  They also got her a $200 spa package.

Let’s make positivity a little louder today!!

My new friend Kathy Perritt had a great idea to honor and support Sonya…

Posted by Colin Krieger on Saturday, November 28, 2020


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Early in the pandemic, a successful artist in New York named Guy Stanley Philoche got on Instagram, and offered to buy art from struggling artists to help get them through the pandemic.  He’s now spent over $65,000 doing it.