Today’s Good News: Woman Bakes Giant Santa Cake For Hospital Workers

Santa Cake


A woman baked a six-foot cake showing Santa hugging a nurse to thank healthcare workers on the frontlines. Rosie Dummer spent two weeks creating the life-size chocolate cake with 17 layers and chocolate orange frosting. It was donated to the staff at the Royal Bolton Hospital and 12-hundred staff members got a slice.


An elderly woman passed away, leaving property and a stock portfolio worth $7.5-million to the community. Renate Wedel passed away last December and left the Waldsolms district her fortune. The community is to use the money for “facilities and infrastructure.”

Street Houses Neighbors
money plate tip


The owners of a popular breakfast spot near Seattle called The Maltby Cafe said they’d have to close after 30-plus years in business.  So customers launched a GoFundMe that’s now raised over $128,000.  Then while one of the owners was doing an interview about it, a customer walked in and gave her another five grand.

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