Are These the Worst Gifts to Give?

There’s a company giving people a chance to exchange bad Christmas gifts for BACON this year.

They also commissioned a survey to find the WORST possible gifts you can give someone. Here are the top eight

1.  An ugly sweater.  I’ll take your ugly sweater!

2.  A necktie.  I’ll take the necktie… if it’s ugly!

3.  A coffee mug. I have plenty of these.

4.  A scarf. And, remember, scarfs are not effective face masks.

5.  A robe. Ohhh, I’d like a soft robe.

6.  Candles. Eh.

7.  Socks. Don’t buy people socks unless it’s your spouse or child. Even then, not for Christmas!

8.  Weird jewelry you’d never wear.

The survey also asked what we do with bad gifts.  And a lot of us like to have them on hand, just in case the person we got them from comes over to visit.  Just over half of us will put an item out on display if we know the person is coming to visit. Sneaky!

Well, if you want to trade a bad gift for bacon, here is that company’s Instagram.