Today’s Good News: People Want To Help



Google’s annual Year in Search just came out, and a lot of people searched for how to “HELP” this year.  The top “how to help” searches in the U.S. were for the fires in Australia . . . Black Lives Matter . . . and “How to help during coronavirus.”

And I guess all the delivery food we ordered had an effect . . . because “How to help acid reflux” was #5.


A man in line at a Dairy Queen drive-thru in Minnesota said he wanted to pay for the person behind him the other day.  Then that person paid for the person behind THEM . . . and it kept going for more than NINE HUNDRED cars.



More people are applying for medical school than normal, and experts think it’s a direct result of the pandemic.  Seeing doctors and experts talk about it has inspired more people to go into medicine, and they’re calling it the “Fauci effect.”