Today’s Good News: Neighbor Saves Child From House Fire

Fire truck


A fire broke out at a house in Pittsburgh with a 10-year-old boy and his mother inside. The fire chief says the mom managed to get out safely. A neighbor climbed onto the porch roof to get to the second floor and rescue the child. Source: CBS Pittsburgh


A grocery store security guard in Hawaii rode his bicycle three miles to return a lost wallet and now his act of kindness is being repaid. Chloe Marino, the woman it belonged to, and her husband shared the story on Facebook and a friend of theirs started a GoFundMe to buy the man a car. So far it’s raised more than $23-thousand and they plan to use it to buy the car, and pay for insurance and gas for the first year. Source: CNN

new car keys


A woman who witnessed a man throw a soda at a pregnant McDonald’s worker has stepped in to help her. Feroza Syed started an online fundraiser and baby registry for the woman and it’s raised over $3-thousand. Syed says it’s something she and the donors “did out of the kindness of our heart to make somebody have a good day after a bad situation.” Source: Today