How To Make A 2021 Vision Board


If you want to put some positive thinking into your 2021 goals, a vision board will help. A vision board is a collage of images and words that represent someone’s goals and it inspires and motivates them to reach them. Health and wellness coach Stephanie Mansour encourages us to make one this year to create a focused New Year’s resolution. These are her tips for getting started.

  • Pick your vision’s vision – Some folks prefer doing this on Pinterest, while others like hard copies they can hold in their hands and display. For the virtual version, find online images to use, for a physical one, get books and magazines and find sayings and pictures you can cut out and paste onto a board.
  • Get a base – It can be cardboard, a piece of paper or a virtual board, it’s totally up to you.
  • Make a resolution – Think of a few sentences that describe your resolution. Last year, Mansour’s was: “I enjoy eating and cooking healthy foods that nourish my body. I am dating my future husband who loves to play tennis with me. I take relaxing vacations and love being in loving relationships with my family and friends.”
  • Hunt and gather – Search online or in magazines to find things that speak to your resolution. Grab anything and everything that you think will work, it’s better to have too much than too little.
  • Put it all together – Now that you have all the pictures and words, it’s time to assemble your board. They can overlap, be in random order and even hang off the edge. Have fun with it and remember the idea is to help your brain think about resolutions in a creative way.
  • Edit and display – Re-read your resolution. If you have too many images, ditch the ones that don’t evoke the feelings you want to experience when you reach your goal. Then decide where you’re going to put your vision board, from the fridge to your dresser to the background image on your phone. The point is to use it to feel more excited about your resolution and everything to come next year.