Today’s Good News: Supermarket Gives $200K To Struggling Restaurants



Schnucks Supermarket chain has given $200-thousand in gift cards to help restaurants struggling during the pandemic. CEO Todd Schnuck calls the initiative to give 14-thousand Schnucks workers gift cards to local restaurants a “win-win.” Each Schnuck employee gets a $15 gift card for an eatery within five miles of their work location, so they get a freebie and the restaurants get the business. Source: Fox News


A little boy went back into a burning home to save his baby sister who was in her room. Eli is only seven, but he rushed back into their New Tazewell, Tennessee home to get 22-month-old Erin from her crib. “I was scared, but I didn’t want my sister to die,” he says. Source: CNN

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Deputies in Ottawa, Kansas surprised a woman with a van after getting calls about her walking down the highway in the freezing cold. Christine Wheeler was walking 12-miles to and from work, four days a week, to feed her kids. After giving her a ride to her job, a group of Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies donated a van, two car seats, and paid for her first year of car insurance. Source: Sunny Skyz