Today’s Good News: Caring Kids Replace Stolen Tips

Money cash dollars


Someone at a restaurant in Minnesota recently stole an envelope with around $300 in tips inside.  So a group of five kids stepped up to help.  They’d made some money over the summer helping on their family’s farm.  So they pooled it together and gave the staff 200 bucks.


A homeless guy near San Francisco recently found a woman’s lost wallet and got it back to her.  So the woman’s granddaughter rewarded him by asking people to give HIM money for her birthday.  She ended up raising several hundred dollars.



Some healthcare workers in California broke guidelines this week, and let people skip the line to get vaccinated.  But everyone agrees they did the right thing.  A freezer with 830 doses broke, and they had two hours before they’d go bad.  So they started making calls, vaccinated a ton of first responders, and didn’t waste a single dose.