Today’s Good News: Alexa Device Helps Save Puppy From House Fire

french bulldog dog puppy

A couple credits a little-known feature on their Alexa device with saving their home and puppy when a fire broke out. Jonathan and Kathy were at a friend’s when they got an alert from their Amazon Echo as part of it’s Guard feature. Thanks to the alert, they were able to rush home to rescue their five-month-old French bulldog, Cooper. Source: WFTV


A woman who’d been helping to feed those in need in Miami was devastated when one of her free community fridges she’d been stocking was stolen. Since then, Sherina Jones has been blown away by the kindness of the community, who came together to replace the fridge and more. People have raised money, donated food and now she’s turning her labor of love into a food bank. Source: AP News

refrigerator fridge
ambulance emergency room paramedic


A paramedic in Nebraska has been raising money to help buy sturdier face shields for all of the paramedics he works with. Charles Wilkins works closely with COVID patients and wanted heavy-duty protection for his colleagues who do too. Thanks to social media and word of mouth, he’s received nearly 100 face shields to give away. Source: WOWT