Today’s Good News: Hospital Janitor Raises Money For Kids

change coins money

A janitor at a hospital near L.A. has raised a bunch of money by asking coworkers to donate their spare change, even if it’s just a penny.  In week one, he raised $1,400 for the Boys & Girls Club.  And it inspired a new payroll deduction program at the hospital.  Workers can now have 50 cents to $5 automatically deducted from their paychecks.


For the last three months, a woman who works the drive-thru at a Wendy’s near Seattle has been saying “I love you” to every customer, just to lift their spirits.  She keeps track of how many say it back.  And so far, around 2,700 people have.

money plate tip


We love this trend:  Another “2021” tip is in the news.  Someone walked into a smoothie place in Florida called Miami Squeeze . . . bought $72 worth of drinks . . . and left the staff a tip for $2,021.