Best Workouts For Specific Health Goals


Is your goal to sleep better, get stronger, reduce anxiety or lose weight? Here are the exercises best suited for those and other health goals…

  • Want to reduce stress or sleep better? Try yoga. If you want to channel your inner calm and ease anxiety and stress in 2021, yoga can help. Mindfulness is a key part of the practice and it also plays an important role in lowering stress. Plus, research shows doing yoga consistently can improve sleep quality as well as decrease the anxiety that contributes to troubles with sleep. Even a few minutes of yoga a day can help.
  • Want to tone muscles? Start strength training. If getting stronger and adding definition to your muscles is your fitness goal, focus on lifting weights and doing body-weight exercises like squats and pushups, or resistance training with bands.
  • Want to build endurance? Make a walking plan. Increasing the time you spend walking can start to improve your endurance over time. Start with 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Once you start doing it with ease, pick up the pace or increase the distance to continue boosting your endurance.
  • Want a stronger core? Pick up Pilates. Strengthening your core not only makes you stronger overall, it helps with stability, muscle endurance, balance and posture, too and Pilates can get you there.
  • Want to lose weight? Combine all of these. If you’re looking to shed some extra pounds in 2021, a well-rounded workout routine that focuses on flexibility, core strength, endurance and muscle tone can help your body burn calories more efficiently, so you lose inches and your clothes fit better.

Source: Today