Today’s Good News: 101 Year Old Fighting Covid Gets Birthday Wishes From Celebrities



A woman in Texas who’s still recovering from the virus turned 101 on Friday.  So someone at her nursing home asked Twitter to send happy birthday messages, and THOUSANDS of people responded.  They included a few celebrities like Nancy Sinatra and Patricia Arquette.


A couple in Maine is paying it forward after winning a million dollar lottery jackpot. Glenn Theriault and Stephanie Lemieux gave a couple thousand dollars to the supermarket staff members who helped them the day they bought the winning ticket. They gave $1,000 to a cashier and another grand to the store manager, who were shocked by the generosity. Source: Fox News

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Janet Throgmorton is always there for her students as their principal, but now she’s taking on the role of school bus driver, too. There’s a bus driver shortage, so she’s been getting behind the wheel to help out. The Kentucky woman got her commercial driver’s license two years ago so she could sub as a bus driver during field trips to save her school district money. Source: Good Morning America