Today’s Good News: 13 Year Old Donates $50k To Animal Shelter



A 13-year-old girl won an essay contest put on by Petco that came with a $50,000 grand prize.  And now she’s donating ALL of it to her local cat shelter.


Alina Bardwell and a group of other University of Michigan students started a free online tutoring service for K-12 students in need. MiTutor was created to help low-income families with students who are struggling to keep up in school. It’s all done online and tutors are matched with families based on their experience in the areas students need help in. Source: M Live

Boy school learning


An elderly man in Maine is alive and well, thanks to his persistent dog, Samantha. The legally blind 84-year-old slipped and fell into a frigid brook and couldn’t get out. He yelled for help, someone heard and called the Sheriff’s office and Samantha barked until deputies followed her and they were then able to rescue her owner. Source: People