Today’s Good News: Handyman Helps Elderly With Free Repairs



A handyman in the U.K. has spent over $75,000 of his own money fixing people’s plumbing and heating issues for FREE during the pandemic.  He mostly does it for the elderly or disabled.  And now people online have donated over $25,000 to keep it going.


A couple in Minnesota are doing their part to help a small business that’s been hit hard by the pandemic. Cory and Emma Behnken noticed business was slow at their favorite coffee shop, Bravo Espresso, so they decided to donate their $600 stimulus payment. Owner Andrew Meissner says it will help keep the lights on and his three employees paid. Source: KTTC

Happy Coffee


Hundreds of people in Seattle have been giving back to their community by baking bread. Community Loaves is made up of more than 500 home bakers and together they’ve made more than 13-hundred loaves of bread for a local food bank. They also adapted their recipe to bake & donate thousands of dinner rolls for Thanksgiving and gave away nearly 4-thousand cookies for the holiday season. Source: Today