Today’s Good News: 80 Year Old Man Makes Quilts For People In Need



An elderly Utah man has been making beautiful quilts to give away for 15 years. Brent Rushton, affectionately known as “Papa” has donated hundreds of his quilts to “wrap people in need with love.” The 80-year-old spends about six hours a day quilting and gives them to refugees, shelters and veterans. Source: KUTV


A Missouri business owner wanted to surprise a server with a generous tip as part of the viral “Venmo Challenge,” but she was in for a surprise of her own. When Nicole Genz tried to tip her waiter $2,021, he thanked her but refused and said some places need the money more than them. She was able to use the money to tip another server in St. Louis. Source: Fox News

money plate tip
subway passengers


After recent attacks at subway stations near Peter Kerre’s New York City neighborhood, he decided to do something to help his community feel safe. He has been building a network of volunteers to walk subway riders to or from their destinations safely. He just started @safewalksnyc last week and users can reach out through Instagram DM with an hour’s notice to use it. Source: Good Morning America


A woman who lost all her belongings in a fire is getting help from the firefighters who put out the blaze. Captain Dena Ali says she couldn’t stop thinking about Betty and her misfortune and decided to try to raise some money. Firefighter friends from across the country donated and they gave thousands of dollars to Betty.  Source: WRAL