Today’s Good News: Anonymous Donors Pay Off Medical Bills

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A pair of anonymous donors have paid off $95-thousand worth of medical bills for patients at Pratt Regional Medical Center in Pratt, Kansas. The hospital says the generous gift allowed them to pay the debt owed by 430 families. No word on who the givers were, but their act of kindness helped hundreds. Source: KSN


A couple is thanking the staff at a recycling center in Ireland who went above and beyond to help them find a lost wedding ring. Caoimhe and Owen Mooney realized he’d lost his wedding band just four weeks after getting married and they tried frantically to find it, but had no luck. Workers jumped into a compactor to help dig around and found the ring just before dark. Source: Independent

Wedding Rings


Food delivery service DoorDash is doing its part to support restaurants that are struggling during the pandemic. They’ve given $500-thousand to the Connecticut Restaurant Relief Fund. It was created to provide one-time $5-thousand grants to restaurants having financial trouble. Source: Hartford Courant