Do Video Games Shape Your Personality?

I used to love Ms. Pac Man! What’s your favorite video game? While you may think your kid is frying their brains playing all those new video games, there are many adults who now say video games played an influential role in their development!

A new survey finds:

  • 66% of Americans say playing video games when they were young helped shape their personality.
  • 70% of those polled say they played a lot of video games growing up.
  • 66% of folks would consider themselves “avid gamers.”
  • 88% believe gaming has multiple benefits.
  • Those benefits include:
    • The ability to learn something new (52%)
    • The ability to problem solve (52%)
    • An interesting narrative / story arc (46%)
    • The console I can play it on (42%)
    • Being able to digitally download it (35%)
    • The ability to customize my character (24%)

And it sounds like those video gaming adults are more than happy to have their kids playing the games as well.

  • 70% of gamers are excited to pass along their love of gaming to their children.
  • 68% have already encouraged their kids to play more video games during quarantine.
  • 69% say playing video games with their kids during quarantine helped them spend more time together. 

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