What Mom wants for Valentine’s Day

 After 10 months of lockdowns and no school, I guess it’s not shocking that this is what moms want the most right now . . .

A new Valentine’s Day poll found the #1 thing moms want this year is for everyone to just LEAVE THEM ALONE.

“Me time” is the most popular gift moms want.  And you might want to make it a multi-day thing.  Because a single afternoon to themselves probably won’t be enough.

The average mom would love to get at least 13 hours of “me time” a week, but it rarely happens.

A third of moms say they’d give up their phone for a MONTH to get more time to themselves on a regular basis.

And over half have even set reminders on their phone or calendar just to force the issue, and make sure they get in their “me time.”

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