Today’s Good News: Newly Adopted Dog Saves Owners Life

german shepard


A man in New Jersey recently had a stroke, and his dog saved his life.  His six-year-old German shepherd realized he needed help, and DRAGGED him across the room so he could reach his phone.  Now he’s recovering and talks to her on FaceTime every night.  He’d only adopted her a few months earlier.


A 10-year-old boy in Rhode Island named Christian Stone spent Monday night cleaning the snow off cars at his local hospital, just to be nice.  He wanted to do something to thank healthcare workers, and came up with the idea about a month ago.  So he was just waiting for the next big snowstorm.

snow car


The website did a round-up of ten positive updates on the pandemic that you might have missed.  Like an all-female team in Alaska who’ve been traveling by plane, snowmobile, and even using SLEDS to get people in remote areas vaccinated.