How to Stop Doomscrolling Before Bed

It’s so easy to get sucked into doomscrolling before bed. You’re comfortable, just scrolling through Facebook photos, political posts, and the occasional funny video or meme. Before you know it, it’s been an hour. What?!?

Here are some tips to try and ease away from the doomscroll habit:

  • Set yourself a time limit – Setting a timer for 20 minutes works for some, but if you find it hard to stick to put the phone down after that, you could download an app like Freedom, which blocks sites or apps you find overly distracting.
  • Pay attention to how it makes you feel – Another way to curb your doomscrolling is by noticing the negative thoughts and feelings you have after doing it. If you find certain subjects on the news or social media triggers feelings of anxiety, you can identify them and try to avoid them.
  • Swap the news or social media for something else – Trade the doomscrolling for something nicer and more happy, like texting your friend a funny meme or watching YouTube videos that make you laugh. Instead of the dark and depressing news, you can enjoy something light and “build positive emotions” instead of the negative ones that leave you feeling stressed out by doomscrolling.
  • Try a more mindful activity – You could also try giving up the mindless scrolling and putting your phone down for something more healthy. A slow yoga routine could help you unwind and feel calm before bed, or you could try reading – like a real book, not the news on your phone. Anything that helps you relax and doesn’t leave you more stressed is a better way to end the day.
  • Fall asleep to music – Download the K-Hits app, and let your favorite music calm your mind before bed.