Today’s Good News: Donations For Teen Who Used College Savings To Help Mom Pay Rent



A Houston high school senior recently gave up all the money she’d saved for college to help her mom catch up on past-due rent. Alondra Carmona was accepted at her dream school, Barnard College, an Ivy League school, and used her college savings to keep her family from being evicted. Since then, a GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $140-thousand for the teen’s education. Source: ABC 13


Dr. Ben Moor started a pilot program at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital to help provide an extra level of care for COVID patients. He’s been fully vaccinated and started visiting COVID patients, not to provide medical treatment, but companionship. He now has 46 colleagues volunteering to do the same for these sick people who are isolated from their families. Source: CNN

candle lights christmas


A woman on Long Island recently got shamed for still having her Christmas lights up.  It turned out her dad and aunt both died of COVID last month, and he was the one who put them up.  So that’s why she hadn’t taken them down yet.  And now a bunch of her neighbors are putting THEIR lights back up to support her.