Does your family have these internet fights?

I guess I’m lucky- my family really does not argue about the Internet at all! A lot of us though have REALLY leaned heavily on our Internet service over the past year . . . and that can be tough in a home where everyone’s trying to get some of that sweet, sweet bandwidth.

According to a new survey, four out of 10 families say they now have more arguments about the Internet than about what to watch on TV.  And here are the 10 most common arguments . . .

1.  Too many devices connected at once.

2.  People browsing the Internet on their phones at the dinner table.

3.  Too many people using the Internet at once.

4.  Kids going online when they shouldn’t be.

5.  Someone turning off the WiFi while you’re using it.

6.  Kids playing video games at peak times when you’re trying to work.

7.  Too many apps connected to the Internet at once.

8.  Someone downloading big files and slowing things down for everyone.

9.  Someone using the Internet while you’re on a work call.

10.  Having to make video calls with friends and family. 

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