Today’s Good News: Dog Stays With Stranded Hiker For 7 Days

Dog in car


Ash the dog didn’t leave his owner’s side when the man fell and broke his ankle in the foothills of the Julian Alps in Italy. The devoted pet spent seven nights in freezing temperatures with his owner until a search team found them. The man says he “managed to survive thanks to the company of the dog.” Source: Fox News


After sharing a video explaining how he was struggling as an Uber Eats driver, things started to look up for Riley Elliott. He explained that he was facing homelessness because tips and the $2.50 he earns an hour aren’t enough, then donations started rolling in. He’s received more than $40-thousand all over and even after donating $12-thousand to others who are struggling, he has enough to stop living in his car and get a house. Source: The Seattle Times

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frozen lake


A teenager walking a dog in Jefferson, Texas. saw a little boy who had fallen into an icy pond. Caitlyn Thomas tried knocking on doors nearby and calling the police, but she had trouble describing her location to 911. So she called her grandpa, who arrived quickly and was able to rescue the 11-year-old boy with a pickup and rope. Source: ABC 13

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