Today’s Good News: Woman Builds Ice Rink For Community Kids

ice skates


A woman in Detroit has created an ice rink for neighborhood kids in a vacant lot. Kaytea Moreno-Elst bought the lot just to turn it into a skating rink for kids and the Detroit Fire Department helped fill it in with water. Other community members have donated skates in all sizes and the children are loving it. Source: USA Today


A delivery driver in Vietnam is being called a “superhero” for saving a two-year-old girl who fell from a 12th floor balcony. Nguyen Ngoc Manh was on the job when he heard a woman screaming and saw the toddler climbing on the balcony. He rushed to help and managed to catch her and aside from a dislocated hip, she is doing well. Source: The Guardian



A Maryland man has saved a man he did work for by becoming his kidney donor. Daniel Reynolds, 62, didn’t hesitate to offer to be tested as a match when he found out 75-year-old Tony Antonelli was in need of a transplant. They had a successful surgery and the Antonellis are incredibly grateful for their handyman’s selfless act. Source: Fox 5 DC