Today’s Good News: Girl Starts Charity To Help Homeless Kids



A third-grader is working hard to raise money to help raise money and awareness for child homelessness. Peyton is only eight, but she’s already founded a charity, Eye of a Child, to support her cause. She sells T-shirts and homemade crayon hearts and all the money goes to homeless shelters of her choice in Wisconsin and Los Angeles. Source: Fox News


A man in Texas has been reunited with a stack of cash his wife accidentally left inside the pocket of an old jacket being donated to Goodwill. He returned to the store in a panic, but staffers told him they’d have to sort through each bag of donations to see if they found the money. It took a few weeks because of the winter storms, but an employee found the $5-thousand and it’s been returned to the owner. Source: CBS Sacramento

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A Virginia woman has been giving away thousands of books in her hometown to get her closer to her goal of giving away one million books to kids. Jennifer Williams is better known in Chatham as the “Book Lady.” For the last three years, she’s given a new book to every student at Chatham Elementary on Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Source: WDBJ