Today’s Good News: Six-Year-Old Girl Holds Food Drive For Kids In Need



Emmaleigh Pierce is only six, but that’s not stopping her from giving back to her community. The little girl from Maryland was worried about kids who are hungry and don’t have enough food, so her mother helped her start a food drive. She spent the weekend collecting nearly 500-pounds of food that will go to help kids her age. Source: Fox 5 DC

Jerico Roman has autism and extreme oral aversion, as well as complex eating challenges and his mom, Jenna, says the only thing he’ll eat is Nature’s Path cinnamon maple waffles. When she heard they were discontinuing the product, she panicked and has been trying to stockpile them. But the company found the last remaining six cases in North America and is sending them to Jerico. Source: Global News



There’s a video going around of a penguin in Antarctica swimming away as fast as it can from a group of orcas who are trying to catch it and EAT it.  And it jumps to safety in a tourist boat.